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Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Netflix Embodies a Company Whose Legacy Give Them Every Opportunity to Regroup Randy Young...

BAZ!ll!ON Editor-in-Chief...


Netflix’s innovative flair has created a universal air of volatility in the world of entertainment.

Netflix’s innovative flair has created a universal air of volatility in the world of entertainment. Streaming and the forms of revenue thereby derived are almost all that matters in modern media.

Being bold and doing things differently shakes the ground for all, including the force creating the dangerous vibrations.

Yes, there were many recent layoffs by the streaming giant, which, beyond creating some stock volatility, meant ostensibly nothing about the viability of Netflix going forward, as a creative force.

Their announcement of a strong upcoming Euro animation slate leading up to Annecy 2022 only bolsters its’ track record of buzz worthy acquisitions and proving a worthy adversary to its massive opponent: The entire entertainment industry.

As a college student and film fiend, I was employed by Blockbuster video and I remember the moment that I realized everything would change - about everything, really. A customer brought a video in, paid a late fee and snarkily snorted, “when are you guys going to start picking them up from us, like Netflix does.”

Ever since that day I’ve paid close attention to them using other people’s scrap metal to build a rocket that not only has taken them into rarified air, but created so much time and space, that rivals had to wait for a decade to glean the journey they would all be forced to take.

Netflix have reinvented the science of entertainment - a result of their culture of innovation, customer service and approach to content creation. Some of the bumps and bruises of being a market leader is that everyone else is studying your every move and plotting together about ways to bring you back to the pack. Ask Microsoft, CNN or Tim Horton's about how that goes.

Legacy has allowed courtesy from the collective public consciousness, while these companies figure out how to become actually remarkable again.

As someone with a constant finger on the pulse of public perception I’ve noticed something amongst innovators. Once an entity has created a lane and lived there virtually alone for years - also, creating from scratch the laws that all clones will follow…

Every stroke of pseudo genius after the original wave is weighted more highly, because deep down we expect there to be more magic.

Netflix created our modern entertainment culture, of comfort and individuality.

Counting them out would be foolish in every way, from corporate success to content development.

Maverick behavior creates a special phosphorescence of legacy. Even if Netflix ever does fall behind streaming platforms by Disney, Paramount or HBO, this is the kind of legacy that can’t be usurped while adversaries are still touched by the glow. They will have to run away and hide in a lane they didn’t create. Trailblazers are truly never defeated, they just change the rules again, chart a slightly different course and wait for the hounds to find their scent.

Disruptors gon’ disrupt - and quite likely, keep succeeding.


Will Netflix still have the most streaming subscribers in 2030?

  • YES

  • NO

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